Aare River Valley

Canton of Bern, Switzerland

The above map of the Aare River valley in the canton of Bern highlights the villages and districts associated with the Brönnimanns.  A fertile valley has been created by the Aare River as it flows from the Alps to Bern and then onto the Rhine River, emptying into the North Sea at Rotterdam.

Brönni, on the west side of the Aare, is located at the edge of the valley where the terrain starts climbing steeply into the foothills that precede the Alps.

Until 1600, the Brönnimanns remained on the west side of the Aare.  Frequent references are made to  Brönnimanns on both sides of the Aare afater 1600.  Brönnimann was still a common name throught the Aare River Valley in the city of Bern in 1995.