Source of Kindred Information

"Kindred Family Genealogy by Ruby Henrick in 1985.  A copy can be obtained from Genealogical Deparatment, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Kindreds in England

"Kindred" is an old Anglo-Saxon name.  The first recorded reference is to a "Roger Kenrede" in 1423 in Brabourne, England.

The earliest Kindred ancestor identified was William Kindred of the Parish of Haltwhistle, North Cumberland, England.  North Cumberland is in the North of England between Hadrian's Wall and Scotland.

William's son, Bartholomew (I), was christened on July 30, 1727, in Haltwhistle.

Six children of Bartholomew (I) and his wife (believed to have been named Paradine) were christened in the nearby Parish of Lanercost.  Two other sons, Thomas and William, indicated on pension applications that they were born in North Cumberland.  And Bartholomew's will filed in Virginia in 1804 listed two other daughters, who may have been born in the United States; he appears also to have re-married as his wife's name was given as "Mary."  Several of the older children were not mentioned in the will; it is possible that they had remained in England.

Information known about Bartholomew's family is summarized below:

Name Christening Date Birth Date in Pension Application Mentioned in Will
William   1744 Yes
John March 10, 1749   No
Ann Aug., 18, 1752   No
Mary May 4, 1754   No
Jane April 15, 1754   No
Thomas   1760 Yes
Bartholomew (II) Oct. 25, 1761   Yes
Edward April 1, 1765   Yes
Jean (Ball)     Yes
Mildred (Powers)     Yes

Kindred in the American Revolution

Four of the sons of Bartholomew Kindred (I) served in the War of Independence:

The pension application (#S-4476) filed by Thomas in Tennessee on April 29, 1833, states:

"My father, Bartholomew Kindred brought his family from North Cumberland, England to America in 1774 and settled on the land of Thomas Jefferson in Albermarle County, Virginia from whence I was called into service."

All four brothers participated in the siege at Yorktown, Virginia, where Lord Cornwallis surrendered his 7,000 troops on October 19, 1780.  Thomas was dismissed after the battle, but the other three brothers were part of the unit that guarded Cornwallis on the march to Winchester.

Yorktown was the first significant victory for the Patriots in the south, which had been under British occupation all during the rebellion.

The activities of the four Kindred brothers are outlined below:

1)    Thomas Kindred.

This son remained in Virginia until his father died in 1805.  He, then, moved with his wife--Nancy Sharp--and their children to Morgan County in the Appalachian region of East Tennessee.  Tennessee records indicate there were six sons and two daughters:

Each of Thomas's children reared a large family.

2)    Edward Kindred.

Edward married Elizabeth Haggard, a daughter of Nathaniel Haggard and Elizabeth Gentry in 1787 and moved to Fayette County, Kentucky, shortly afterwards.

Edward Kindred was a minister of "Old Providence Baptist Church."  There are no records of any children.  He served in the War of 1812 under James C. Price, Regular Kentucky Volunteers.

3)    William Kindred.

The oldest son married Mary Haggard, a sister to his brother Edward's wife, in 1775.  Their children included: David, John, Nancy Jane, William, Nathaniel, Martin, Elizabeth (Ramey) and Jane (Gentry).

William settled in Madison County, Kentucky about 1788.  This is the same county that Christian Branaman lived in between 1805 and 1814.  Two of his sons--David and John--also moved to Indiana about the same time as the Branamans.

David (born in 1788) is mentioned in records at the Jackson County Historical Society as being one of the earliest settlers in Owen Township.  He moved into an abandoned hut on Christmas Day 1816.  His brother, John (born in 1797), moved to Owen Township about the same time.

4)    Bartholomew (II).

This son appears to be our direct ancestor.  He married Milley Lively in Albermarle County in 1781.  The 1785 census of Albemarle County, Virginia, includes 2 Lively households--Benjamin and John, one of which was probably Milley's father.

He left Virginia for Kentucky along with his brother, William, about 1788--apparently still owing taxes, as reported in the "Virginia Genealogist."

He first lived in that part of Green County, Kentucky, which later became Cumberland County.  According to the 1799 Kentucky Tax list, he owned 200 acres of land.  By 1801 his tax also included 4 horses or mares.  In 1802, Bartholomew was taxed for 200 acres in Jessamine County (adjacent to Madison County where his borther William Kindred and his son-in-law-to-be Abraham Branaman were living.)

In 1812 he served as a lieutenant in Allen's Kentucky Regiment of the Mounted Volunteers, 9th Company.

Kentucky records indicate that he was a constable and town crier of Nickolasville (county seat of Jessamine County) for several years.  His last Kentucky residence, in 1815, was on Clear Creek.

In the 1810 Kentucky census, Bartholomew (II) and Milley had 4 boys and 5 girls living at home.  Only 2 children were still at home when the 1820 census was taken in Indiana.

Family researchers have been unable to locate positive confirmation of the names of their children.  There is, however, circumstantial evidence to support the following:

Name Comments
Edward He married Sally Scott Dec. 30, 1812, in Jessamine County, Kentucky.  They stayed in Kentucky.
James He married Judith Beasley Dec. 11, 1815.  They did not follow the family to Indiana, but did relocate to Sangamon County, Illinois, after 1830.
William Married Rachel Woods in Indiana.
Daniel Operated a ferry across the Muscatatuck River in Jackson County, Indiana in 1824.  This was one of the first business enterprises in the area.
Judith Married Jonathan Haggard.  They purchased land from her father in Jackson County in 1821.
Betsey Married Beverly Richardson Apr. 5, 1816 in Lexington, Kentucky.  Received consent of Bartholomew (II) to migrate to Jackson County in 1816.
Polly Married David Richardson Sept. 21, 1807. Moved to Indiana.
Permelia Married John Manor Aug. 15, 1818 in Lexington.  Moved to Indiana.
Susan Born 1800 in Kentucky.  Married Abraham Branaman in 1820 in Indiana. Abraham was Executor of the estate of Bartholomew Kindred in 1830.

In 1850 Congress passed a law allowing veterans of the War of 1812 to receive free bounty lands.  Bartholomew (II) had already died, but his second wife--Hester--twice filed claims on his behalf: on April 16, 1851, in Clark County, Indiana and again on July 31, 1854, in Appanoose County, Iowa.  Hester apparently never received the bounty land.